The best ways to discover the most authentic and exclusive corners of Croatia

Experiences in Croatia

The best ways to discover the most authentic and
exclusive corners of Croatia.

RMH Lopud Lafodia is the best starting point for combining a holiday of sun and sea while enjoying the best of Croatia. At the resort, experienced guides are on hand to organise trips, excursions and private tours to make your holiday unforgettable.


Discover one of Europe's most magical cities, where history has imbued every stone with charm. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Dubrovnik by night. An evening excursion starts with a boat trip to let you admire the spectacular view of the city walls from the sea. The perimeter walls and ramparts take on the reflections of the sunset, creating a light show with reflections that becomes an unforgettable memory. Take the chance to discover the city's nightlife while moored in the harbour. Enjoy exclusive clubs with DJs renowned throughout Europe, bars where you can try new cocktails or enjoy a glass of Croatian wine, perhaps while listening to jazz. If you love culture, the ancient city is the perfect place for a stroll to find out about the many landmarks, before heading back to the comfort of your hotel in Lopud.

RMH Lopud Lafodia organises various tours in Croatia to let you explore the area in comfort while still enjoying a holiday of sea and sun. Enjoy these excursions as well as the chance to design a personalised tour to enjoy an exclusive trip.

Trip to Montenegro

Montenegro is a Balkan country dominated by rugged mountains with medieval villages and a few narrow beaches along the Adriatic coast. The bay of Kotor, which resembles a fjord, is dotted with churches and fortified towns like Kotor itself, a really charming town. The trip also includes a visit to Perast, a small town located within Kotor Bay, whose charm is amplified by its long-standing affiliation with the city of Venice. Montenegro is a wild landscape, where the mountains descend straight into the sea and the towns are delightful. A trip to Montenegro is an opportunity to discover a land full of charm during your holiday in Lopud.

Trip to Mostar

Mostar is a city in southern Herzegovina with the Neretva River running through it. It is known for the famous Stari Most, the Old Bridge - a recently restored arched structure dating back to the Middle Ages. Criss-crossed by alleyways full of shops and stalls, it is the ideal place for a stroll to indulge in a little shopping and find the perfect souvenir. A popular destination is the Old Bridge Museum, which narrates its long history right up to the present day. Don't miss the climb up the narrow staircase to the minaret of the Koski Mehmed-Pasha Mosque. Reaching the top will reward you with an amazing panoramic view of the city. The trip is also an opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Elaphiti Islands from the coastal road leading to Mostar. And you’ll discover the village of Počitelj, founded in the 15th century but only completed over 100 years later by the Ottomans. A trip to Mostar gives visitors a different perception of the region, making it a lasting memory.

Tour of the wineries of Pelješac and Ston

The Pelješac peninsula is a strip of land separated from the island of Korcula by a narrow strait. All around is a beautiful landscape of rugged mountains, green valleys and beautiful bays dotted with ancient villages. Pelješac is famous for its Dingač and Postup red wines made from the local Plavac Mali grape variety. A visit to the wineries lets you discover the wines of the area and appreciate them through the stories recounted by the wine makers. Ston is certainly one of the most charming destinations in the region: a medieval town protected by an encircling wall that has been preserved to this day. The Ston Wall was built in 1333 and at 5.5 km long is one of the largest fortification systems in Europe. The walk along the walls is a romantic experience and offers a unique view of the town and the sea. Ston has been an important centre for salt production for centuries, and even today the Ston salt pans are an important part of the town's economy. The salt production area extends over an area of some 429,840 sqm, with 7 tanks dedicated to the extraction of salt from the sea water and 10 to the crystallisation process. Visiting to the Pelješac wineries and the Ston saltworks is an ideal trip for wine enthusiasts, but also for anyone wanting to enjoy the Croatian coastal landscapes.

Explore the Elafiti Islands by cruise

A private cruise is one of the best ways to experience the most exclusive side of the Elaphiti archipelago. From aboard one of RMH Lopud Lafodia's private boats, you will have the opportunity to visit three of the archipelago islands and enjoy an unforgettable swim in the most out-of-the-way bays. The cruise includes a boat tour of the hidden side of Lopud,  a visit to the breathtaking Blue cave on Koločep, a walk to explore the traditional village of Koločep, visit to the beautiful beach Sjekirica a long stop at Šipanska luka on the charming island of Šipan. RMH Lopud Lafodia offers a boat rental service. You can choose between the Peter Pan boat or one of the other boats available and have an unforgettable experience.



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