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For a unique product, RMH decided to create 4 different experiences that will be recognized in all hotels of the group

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Four high-level experiences for four different aspects of your holiday: this is Rosaria Marazzi Hotels' proposal for those who choose to experience a memorable stay in one of the hotels of the Made in Modena hotel group.

RMH pays particular attention to the definition and implementation of the services in the structure and the amenities of rooms, suites and apartments, offering you a fully comfortable and highly customizable stay experience. Get inspired and design your perfect vacation.

Brand Experience RMH


The sleeping experience comes from listening to the needs of our guests; many things happen during the day and the bed will be the instrument that will absorb your stress and transform it into a pleasant moment of rest.
This happens thanks to the selection of our new "Dorelan" mattresses and a varied choice of pillows to allow you to personalize your sleeping style and feel more of the spirit of our hotels that are the home away from home.

Only for Rosaria Marazzi Hotels - Luxury & Nature

Brand Experience RMH


Whether you are a sporty person or someone who has to rush to work, whether you are following a diet or lifestyle, Rosaria Marazzi Hotels is always Happy to be with you, especially at the beginning of your day thanks to the new Breakfast Experiences designed for you.
RMH Breakfast experiences are born from the commitment to make your stay special and different from the usual, thanks to the attention to the choice and selection of a variety of products to start the day with a complete and tasty breakfast. RMH team members will be attentive to understand your needs and with their warm smiles, they will make the start of your day even more enjoyable.
The uniqueness lies in always guaranteeing a variety of different and quality products and since the breakfast experience is born from listening to our guests, this is an added value that makes us flexible and close to their needs such as choosing a flexible schedule and preparing breakfast boxes for all those who wake up early.

Brand Experience RMH


The Wellness Experience that we have created takes shape by listening to the needs of each individual guest, thus creating a path that mixes the elements of the surrounding nature, wellness treatments, personalized diets and fun.
In addition, guests will be able to continue to follow a healthier lifestyle, following the advice of our expert team and taking home the most useful products for their needs, and then return another time to Lopud, perhaps with friends and share the new luxury of well-being that only the Wellness Experience signed by Rosaria Marazzi Hotels can offer.

Only for Rosaria Marazzi Hotels - Luxury & Nature

Brand Experience RMH


Our team is like a family, their smiles come from the heart and love of hospitality. The RMH Team Experience is for our guests the perception of competence and friendliness throughout their stay.
We know that every guest is different and has a unique need for attention that we commit to convey through our most attentive and natural service.



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