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Elaphiti Islands, holiday destination with sea and nature in Croazia

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Croatia’s four most stunning Elaphiti islands

The Elaphiti Islands, known also as the "Deer Islands", are located just a few minutes from Dubrovnik. They are surrounded by beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature and historic places, making them a perfect, sought-after holiday destination. There are thirteen islands in total, some larger and still populated, others smaller but no less important. There are thirteen islands in total, some larger and still populated, others smaller but no less important. In the past, the Elaphiti Islands were a strategic location to protect the coast from pirates, privateers and invaders. Traces of the islands’ most important and significant history can still be seen today, lending even more charm to the area. Some of the oldest structures are the defensive walls built by the Illyrians in Sipan, the Roman ruins in the western part of Šipanska Luka or, as mentioned earlier, the historical sites in Lopud.The Elaphiti archipelago has always been known for its typically Mediterranean agriculture, where people still cultivate organic fruit and vegetables, olives, citrus fruits and local wines on many of the inhabited islands. Scents and colors to discover as you take a boat trip and a walk to explore the most characteristic and hidden corners of these islands.


Lokrum is located just 10 minutes from Dubrovnik. A large nature park, it has been a Nature Reserve since 1963 and Special Reserve for Forest Vegetation since 1976. The landscape is rocky with exotic plant vegetation. These types of plants were cultivated especially by the Benedictine monks in the former monastery dating back to the 12th century located in the heart of the park. The island is surrounded by citrus fruits, so it’s not by chance the name Lokrum comes from the Latin word "acrume", citrus fruits. It is abundant and lush. Besides citrus fruits, some of the most precious natural gems include cypresses, myrtles, pistachios, agaves and oleanders. Lokrum is a romantic, tranquil island. You can go for long walks and with a little luck you might get a few snaps of peacocks - now the island's only inhabitants and a tourist attraction.The island’s natural, historic landscape is so enchanting that it was chosen as the set for the "Games of Throne", one of the most famous TV series in recent years. Among the unmissable destinations in Lokrum are the Benedictine Monastery, Fort Royal, The Botanical Garden, Charlotte's Well and its wonderful beaches, including the famous nudist beach, Fkk.


Sipan is one of the largest of the Elaphiti islands. The crystal clear sea and romantic coves make it perfect to unwind by the sea. Its wild beaches have little sand and mostly feature pebbles and gravel. Interesting locations to visit not far from Sipan are the two main villages: Sipanska Luka (Luka means "port" in Croatian) and Sudurad, famous for being a fishing port. You’ll be won over by the charming Medieval and Renaissance buildings and summer residences built by Dubrovnik noble families, with their many legends and historical anecdotes. Don't miss the frescoes in the Church of St. John, the Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit and the Skočibuha Palace Tower, a sixteenth-century castle. Tour around quite comfortably by bike, cycling around the island to admire its olive trees and vineyards. Along the way, there are many restaurants where you can taste some typically Dalmatian fish dishes.


Kolocep is the smallest of the Elatifi Islands. It is the closest to the mainland and located just a few minutes from the port of Dubrovnik. A fisherman’s island, where lobster fishing is widespread. The two main villages, Gornje Čelo and Donje Čelo, are separated by thick Mediterranean forest and inhabited by about 300 people. You cannot move around the island of Kolocep by motor vehicle, meaning you have to walk along the streets to enjoy the beautiful landscape and participate in organized excursions. One of the key places to explore is the striking Blue Cave. After swimming in the clear waters of the Kolocep Sea, there are several places to learn about the island's history and culture: St. Nicholas, St. Sergius and the church of the Holy Trinity or even Napoleon's fortress. In the evening, Kolocep comes alive with local musicians, entertaining tourists with jazz and Dalmatian music.


Mljet is nicknamed "the green island” - its National Park is one of the most beautiful in Croatia and consists of two salt-water lakes, Malo and Veliko Jezero, offering a unique natural spectacle. You can get there by foot, bike or kayak and you can swim in the park's beautiful waters. Some of the many unmissable places on Mljet are the twelfth-century Dominican monastery in the north, located on a tiny island in the middle of the large Meleda Lake, Saplunara beach and Blace Bay.


RMH Lopud Lafodia organizes exclusive tours, as well as personalized trips for a day’s boat trip to discover the Elaphiti Islands, or rental of a luxury motorboat to discover the most exclusive beaches.



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