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Signature Suite by Rosaria Marazzi - The story behind the Signature Suite Lopud Hotel

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The story behind the Signature Suite

"Amazing…this place is a little corner of paradise, I want to create something special here"

These were the first words said by Rosaria Marazzi, while sitting on the bollard on the dock, looking at the hotel on a humid winter day.

She has been sailing for many years together with her husband in the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, but when she arrived in Lopud in 2007 she felt an emotion never experienced before. The sound of the waves and the scent of the sea salt perfectly blended together, and at that moment, she realized what she wants to offer to her guests: the feeling of freedom given by the sea, combined with all the comforts of a Resort.

She always preferred to visit the same Hotels over again and meeting people to establish connections that go beyond the ordinary guest – employee relationship. That way, over time, intimate and trustworthy relationships were made. She felt like home, considered by the staff as a special guest to whom they were always at disposal. Now, arising from that bond, Rosaria Marazzi conveys her “signature”: a new concept of hospitality ready for you to experience.