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Our vision at Rosaria Marazzi Hotels, Lafodia sea resort is to achieve a high level of service with our employees that we consider to be the key to our success.

If you want to share this wonderful experience with us and are ready to adapt to work on the island, reach new goals and enhance your professional experience, join us and become part of our young and modern team.

Our ultimate goal is to choose and retain the best candidates whose qualities will fit our needs and who have a passion for working in tourism and a great desire for common growth and development depending on their knowledge and abilities, as well as those they just want to acquire.

Lafodia offers its employees the opportunity to work in the international environment and in their hotels, restaurants and high-class bars, both in Croatia and Italy, offering opportunities for gaining international experiences as well as opportunities for learning, growth and development.

Excellent working conditions, excellent income, secured accommodation and meals with the possibility of permanent employment as well as measures of the Permanent Season, are our greatest contributions!




  • Bar Tender/Bar Waiter (m/f)
  • Beauty therapist (m/f)
  • Cleaner (m/f)
  • Cook (m/f)
  • Pastry Chef assistant (m/f)
  • Plongeur (m/f)
  • Receptionist (m/f)
  • Repairman/Techitian (m/f)
  • Room maid (m/f)
  • Sailor/Skipper (m/f)


Submit your application and resume by 1st of July 2019 to:

or you can contact us direcntly on +385 20 450 336


We’ll keep all applications and resumes in our database untill the end of season 2019. After the end of the season, applications are destroyed.

In addition to agreed salary, to all our employees we ensure:

  • Free accomodation in new an equipped pansions (TV/wifi)
  • Free hot meals (2 meals/day; lunch and dinner)
  • Dinamic and motivating atmosphere
  • International environment with opportunity for learning, development and promotion
  • Regular and motivating salary

If you are capable, flexible, reliable and precise in what you do and you love working in the team, contact us!