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His passion for whole someness is expressed in an interpretation of typical Italian and classic dishes, of light cuisine, that will delight your palate. The Scarlet restaurant directly overlooks the sea.

The large picture windows that enclose the restaurant provide guests with a beautiful panorama. At Lafodia Sea Resort, guests can choose to dine outdoors on the terrace, or indoors in the cool dining room.

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Hot Appetizer

Spaghetti with tuna fish filet

parmiggiano cheese, crispy bacon, quenelle of eggplants aromatized with parsley and chopped basil

Ravioli filled with cheese

champignons mushrooms, swiss chard, served in white cream potatoes sauce, parmigiano cheese and drops of aragula pesto

Home made gnocchi

in swordfish and capers sauce, glassed with white wine, thyme, chives, fresh tomatoes and orange juice

Rice noodles

cooked with fresh vegetables in chicken broth, marinated shrimps, served on mushed zucchini cheese, and drops of soya sauce

Integral crepes filled

with feta cheese, cinnamon, minced leeks and chicken, fresh tomatoes, in citrus bechamel sauce with crispy row ham

Fresh cannelloni filled

with fresh cheese, spinach, served with zucchini, anchovies,
parmigiano cheese and octopus sauce

Green home made gnocchi mixed

with local forest mushrooms, pate of green olives, ricotta cheese quennelle, toasted walnuts with cherry tomatoes and peppers sauce

Mix plate of stuffed vegetables Gratin, with spelt, barley, sundried tomatoes soft cheese,
served with Homus, pepperoni pate and bread

Risotto seasoned with local squid

small green peas, smoked bacon, tender cow cheese and fresh olive oil with lavander drops

Vegetables risotto

seasoned with cream of sundried tomatoes, curcuma, ginger, extra virgin olive oil and caramelized lime juice

Main Course

Grilled rump steak marinated in aromatic herbs,

served with small leaf salad, caramelized red onions and provencale potatoes and carrots Gratin

Roasted chicken breast,

filled with row ham and cheese. Served with blueberry and red onion compote, Dalmatian red wine and asparagus, potato Gratin

Pork escalope in lemon sauce,

served with garlic, green beans, roasted bacon rolls and chives

Veal chop with feta cheese ,

served on polenta, with spicy roasted peppers and mushrooms, glassed with tarragon tomato cream sauce

Marinated swordfish filet,

served with vegetables Julienne aromatized in Dalmatian herbs, heirloom tomatoes , basil, roasted black olives and cappers sauce

Sea bass filet in a minced fresh citrus fruits,

glassed with Moscato white wine, served with celery root mashed pieces and Arugula salad

Thuna fish medallions,

cooked in marinated spring onions, glassed with white wine, served with roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts and caramelized soya sauce

Mediterranean squid stuffed with seasonal vegetables,

smoked cheese and shrimps, served in a bed of toasted walnuts, spinach souffle and tomato basil sauce

Eggplants Parmigiana style filled with vegetables,

fresh tomatoes filet, served in baked cheese dough, with lemon stew rice

Rolls of vegetables,

stuffed with ricotta cheese, heirloom tomato, pate of green olives served with toasted cereal bread, mushed chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and black pesto

For our little Guest

Cream Tomato soup
Penne in a sauce of ham and cream
Spaghetti Bolognese
Gnocchi in a cheese sauce

Fried chicken sticks
Fried squid and chips


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