The sublime atmosphere, surrounded by incomparable view of Lopud Bay with the oldest Monastery of the village, makes possible, for all those who are looking for a getaway in a unique place, to enjoy a tastefully of ancient flavors made into modern dishes, just surrounded by silence and underneath the stars, pumpered by the sea breeze. 



The flavors of traditional Croatian fare are combined with new recipes of Italian and international cuisine thanks to the inventiveness and mastery of our Chef, who prepares meat, fish and seasonal foods with care and creativity, and insists on on the freshest and the choicest ingredients.

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Italì pays tribute to the true Italian pizza.
The history, tradition and culture of the "Bel Paese" come together in the skilled hands of Marcello, our master Italian pizza maker.
Our products are selected and Made in Italy, thanks to the professionality of our staff, Italì brings the real Italian pizza on the island of Lopud.
On the first floor of Lafodia Sea Resort, on a beautiful terrace, you can taste our pizzas and enjoy a unique and breathtaking view.

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At Lafodia Sea Resort, well-being as a philosophy of living naturally includes good eating. To delight the palates of its guests, our Italian Chef prepares dishes with a host of Italian and international specialities. Thanks to the imagination and refinement that goes into the preparation of its superb dishes, the Hotel is a coveted destination for people who love great food.

His passion for wholesomeness is expressed in an interpretation of typical Italian and classic dishes, of light cuisine, that will delight your palate. The Scarlet restaurant directly overlooks the sea.

The large picture windows that enclose the restaurant provide guests with a beautiful panorama. At Lafodia Sea Resort, guests can choose to dine outdoors on the terrace, or indoors in the cool dining room.

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