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The sublime atmosphere, surrounded by incomparable view of Lopud Bay with the oldest Monastery of the village, makes possible, for all those who are lookingfor a getaway in a unique place, to enjoy a tastefully of ancient flavors made into modern dishes, just surrounded by silence and underneath the stars, pumpered by the sea breeze.

The flavors of traditional Croatian fare are combined with new recipes of Italian and international cuisine thanks to the inventiveness and mastery of our Chef, who prepares meat, fish and seasonal foods with care and creativity insisting on the ingredients freshness.

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„Chateaubriand“ fillet in walnuts crust, served with fresh vegetables with cream of parmesan cheese, curry and Madera sauce


Sea bass “carpaccio” served in a bed of small leaves salad, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and lavender flower
Home- made “Ravioli” stuffed with sea bream filet in scampi and saffron sauce


Aspic of fresh Lobster, green apple, strawberry and fresh passion fruit sauce


Grilled fillet Sea bass, served with vegetables “julienne”, couscous with pistachio, glassed with reduction of red Dalmatian wine and truffle sauce


Salmon „Tartare“, served with fresh small leaves salads


Fish fillet Turbot, fried with light butter and mint, served with Black Cuttlefish risotto


Risotto with marinated squid, green asparagus and true sauce
Fresh Squid stued with fresh vegetables, scampi, served in carry tomato coulis sauce


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Cold Appetizers


Suitable for two person.Scallops St.Jacques, Adriatic shrimps marinated in olive oil with lavender, in a tuft of mix small leaves salads dressed with emulsion of sherry vinegar sauce

Cubes of fresh vegetables baked with tomatoes sauce, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and chopped basil, served with toasted bread and tapenade of black olives *Vegetarian recipes*

Suitable for two person.Traditional Croatian sausauge,Dalmatian smoked ham, local high quality cheese, olives, foam of sundried tomatoes, homemade rosemary crackers

Mix salad with mango julienne, crispy raw ham prosciutto, emulsion of truffle sauce, heirloom tomatoes marinated with chives, fried local cow cheese

Carpaccio of fresh swordfish marinate with dill, red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, juice of lime, served with fresh vegetables spaghetti and cherry tomato comfit

Chopped cubes of fresh tuna yellow tile, marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, served with quenelle of fresh guacamole avocado, flat bread and filaments of red pepperoni




Cream fish soups on chef style
Beef consomme

celeriac soup, with little oil and toasted integral bread


Hot Appetizers


Roasted and resting on toasted cereal bread with butter dill, resting in a fondue of spring onions and topped on caviar of salamon

Homemade pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, with scallops St.Jacques, brocolli sauted, pistacho cream and truffle sauce

sauted with octopus, garlic, fresh scampi, glassed with Malvasija wine , foam of green lime and chopped chives

Homemade gnocci stuffed with light cream of chesse and black truffles, sauteed in a fresh Lobster sauce

sauteed with exstra virgin olive oil, garlic, lime juice, fresh cherry tomatoes and testing broccoli sauce

stir fry, glassed with cognac, served with fresh fruit, and blueberry reduction sauce

with marinated black olives, scented tomatoes, oregano, dill, shrimps, sardines, pine nuts and crumble aromatic bread

Grilled Dalmatian chesse, topped with Adriatic prawns glassed with Prosecco Dalmatian sweet white wine, served with a lightly cherry tomatoes, thyme and garlic sauce

Adriatic shrimps, melted grana padano cheese, crispy squid, sundried tomatoes and basil
olive oil drops


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